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Commtech Asia is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the commissioning and testing of building services with extensive experience throughout Asia Pacific. Our experience and exposure to numerous working practices and cultures throughout the world has provided us with a unique team of specialist engineers and working procedures which is unrivalled by any other team. 



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Regional Coverage


コムテックアジアは、アジアパシフィック全域においてスムーズなサービスを提供するため 戦略的な拠点展開をしています。また、お客様のニーズにお応えすべくサービス提供地域の拡大を行っています。 既存の拠点のみならず各地域においてタイムレスな対応をするため、協力会社と提携し、 NEBB並びにCSAの基準に沿ったTABサービスを提供致します。


NEBB: National Environmental Balancing Bureau(米国環境調整事務局)

CSA: Commissioning Specialists Association(コミッショニング専門家協会)

TAB: Testing Adjusting &Balancing (試験調整)


Commtech Asia has established business units strategically located across the Asia Pacific region to provide diverse coverage to our clients. We continue to research the markets and region to identify new locations to allow for business expansion and greater efficiency of coverage.

In addition to our Commissioning Management offices, we have a number of strategic alliance partners throughout the region providing ‘Hands On’ TAB services in accordance with NEBB & CSA standards.